For any resource on the Web, not only its design and its SEO process is important—a truly great role for the website existence, especially for its successful presence on the Web, plays its support. It is not a secret that a website must be permanently developed and improved—in other words, changed for the better. Otherwise this website will be left to its own devices, abandoned and becomes uncompetitive. Such sites, as a rule, quickly lose their prominent position and lag behind their competitors. There is no doubt that you understand the basis of successful business tactics if you want to operate successfully on the Internet as well: you must be capable of withstanding hard marketplace competition and that is simply not possible without the due support provided to your web resource.

ProtoDesign offers you its services for constant work on supporting your website. That consists of the following tasks:

  1. Updating copy on your website. Full changes in or replacement of the existing content base of the web resource is possible.
  2. Web resource design and re-design activities. Adding illustrations, animation, new icons.
  3. Constant promotional activities, in order to promote your web resource. Also analysis existing positions for your website and your closest competitors’ websites.

Thanks to the new design of your web resource, visitors will always be able to see how the your company’s corporate website changes. Each of the potential customers will understand that your company is conducting active work caring for each of its clients to have more ease and comfort while interacting with your company website. Re-design will, no doubt, exert a great influence on the visitors to your website, since every one of them will be able to observe how your representation on the Internet has been developing—they will be able to draw inferences as to how your company keeps changing for the better, growing and improving the level of its professionalism.

We should not omit a note regarding the changes in the website content, because the opinion of your company’s potential customers will depend quite a lot on this factor. Thus adding news to your resource and partial changes to some texts on your website will send a very favorable signal to the visitors of your website: they will always draw the conclusion that your company does its business only at the top level and that for your company having a presence online is not an empty sound.

ProtoDesign is offering you its services for any of the above types of support. It is, of course, better and more effective supporting the site when the whole complex of work is carried out. You can, however, order a single, separate support type, be it working on the content of your web resource or its design. We will not be judging your choice, we can only provide you with our recommendations while doing our job, professionally and fast. Aim working with professionals in order to be assured of your tomorrow. And ProtoDesign will be working for you, on your side, so that your online business is always meeting with success.


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