We have been saying many times that a website on the Internet must work in such a manner that its operation is going full force and in a very active way—otherwise it simply becomes a burden and is not really needed. A corporate web portal today is an unalienable part of your business, something that helps deal with a humungous volume of works in many and varied business transactions. Today, practically all companies have their presence on Internet. It is quite understandable, for it is only through the use of all state-of-the-art know-how in the high-tech sphere (including, among others, the global network) that tangible results can be effected which lead to higher sales of your products.

In this connection, the ProtoDesign company offers you its consulting services. This is a whole complex of works that is put into effect on a consecutive basis, after the preliminary, full and thorough analysis of the subject matter of your resource, including taking into account the inquiries of its visitors. While undertaking marketing consulting we keep studying and analyzing your company’s scope of activities, as related to the inventory of goods and services offered by your company. All that allows us to shape a meaningful image of your target audience and start, as a result, our full-scale activities aimed at attracting visitors to your website—and transforming them later to your company customers. Besides, we will compile a preliminary plan for developing your site and estimate possibilities for its promotion among the existing Internet search engines; we will also develop methodology for securing positions that have already been achieved by your corporate online resource.

Developing a company under the conditions of today’s market relations means applying a lot of effort and being constantly active. This is why consulting services are so much in demand by those companies that created real (and not just nominal) representation on the Internet. Non-professional approach in the sphere of consulting will result in irrevocable mistakes and in inadequate positioning of your company not only over the Internet realm, but also in all other spheres of its activities. Aiming to exclude even a possibility of wrong positioning for your company, the ProtoDesign professionals are ready to take over the full volume of work related to consulting activities. We will fulfill the whole complex of work within the shortest possible time frame—and the result will not be happening in too long a time.

ProtoDesign company approach is featured through its professionalism in dealing with business. Our specialists have a lot of experience in the area of creating, supporting and promoting websites, and it is this experience that helps us consistently achieve best results. When tying together our consulting services and your business development in general, we provide a possibility for optimizing it and widening its horizons which will lead to an increase in ordering you products and services and in a higher sales volume. If you entrust the consulting of your Internet resource to us, professionals from ProtoDesign, you can be assured of the high quality outcome. This is because every employee in our company is on target in terms of knowing his trade, is very experienced and boasts of excellent theoretical and practical background. All these factors are the components for the successful operation of our ProtoDesign Studio.

Ordering consulting services for your web resource with us is quite simple: just go to contact data shown in the special section of our site. We will promptly review your application, compile our work plan and, after we will have coordinated with you the work volume and the budget, immediately get down to business. ProtoDesign does not stretch out its work period, nor does it add any extra charges. We take responsibility for our word. Our motto is “What’s promised is as good as done”. We work to further develop own business and to achieve new heights with confidence.


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