If you want your website to function effectively and bring tangible benefits to your company, someone must monitor and maintain it. This process, however, cannot be done in a slipshod, slacking manner—contrary to that, one must regularly and steadfastly support it, both dealing with spontaneous, accidental issues and implementing long-term planning. Corporate websites need administration to achieve that, and this is the service that ProtoDesign is offering. Administration is for us a process of permanently monitoring the website status done by professionals who will help you maintain ideal order on your corporate web resource.

As follows from the above, your site must be constantly updated, otherwise you may risk losing your audience—a web site that is not up to date can generate little interest indeed. Constantly monitoring large volumes of information on your web resource is, however, a very time-consuming task requiring a lot of effort. And the best way of resolving this issue is turning to professionals. We are, from our side, very happy to offer you our services, since we employ real masters of this trade, specialists with a lot of experience and an impressive practical background. It is, of course, possible for you to hire a staff professional, to provide him or her with the computerized work place and to maintain him completely on your company’s balance sheet. There is, however, a different, more rational, simple and advantageous solution for you: accept our services, entrust this task to us, ProtoDesign professionals, who will provide high-quality results for you.

Our company employs highly qualified specialists who have been providing web administration services for many years now. They can administer your website under your guidance while not being physically present at your company location. These specialists will conduct any necessary operations with the content of your web resource, depending on your needs. You will be able to appreciate the result of such work organization, no doubt about that, since you will feel it immediately, looking both at your quantitative and qualitative key figures, and directly, in the financial sense. Naturally, no one may limit you in any way with regard to methods of your work organization practices, and you will be able to select such a work practice which, in your own opinion, suits best to you and to your company. A serious interaction with your corporate website, however, which may possibly influence the activities of your company as a whole, better be entrusted to those people who already have a solid web administration background supported by all relevant certificates and reports.

Web administration is one of our company’s priority specializations. It does not really matter for us who created your web resource (whether is was done by us, for example, or not): this will not impact the quality of our administration, not even one bit—which, of course, means that you will not be worrying for your web resource at all. If you decide to order your website administration with our company, you will always be receiving highly qualified support in terms of servicing your company resource. We have a favorable pricing policy and we aim at productive, long-term cooperation. Trust us as you can trust real professionals. By doing that you will, undoubtedly, get an additional chance for moving your business, i.e. all of your lifework, to a qualitatively new level.


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