Today practically every company has a website. Own resource in the global Internet network is an essential necessity for maintaining the communication with company clients as well as for broadcasting information about new products and innovative company approaches etc. A website is not a fancy tidbit anymore, but today it is a strategy component helping business development, increasing sales curve, arranging the company’s advertising and PR policies.

Every company aiming to successfully conduct its business on the goods and services market must have its own Internet resource or already has one. That provides a whole number of plus points for the company, such as these:

  • expanding customer list via attracting them over the global network;
  • product or services sales via the Internet;
  • possibilities for informing customers much faster regarding the latest company news;
  • company target audience studies;
  • conducting advertising campaigns.

Website development can be a very labor-intensive and, quite often, a very time-consuming process. Only a development studio with a tremendous experience in this sphere can create a high-quality, functional, ergonomic website. ProtoDesign company is just this kind of a studio that always conducts work at the peak of its performance and thus creates websites of the best achievable quality. Our company is new at the website development market. Having started from scratch, we already have, nevertheless, an impressive professional portfolio. By browsing through it you can appreciate the level of our company achievement with your own eyes.

ProtoDesign places its emphasis on quality, ergonomics, and style for all websites that it develops. We have a tremendous experience in this field, we have only highly qualified, professional employees who went through a competitive selection in order to get their position with ProtoDesign. Both material and technical resources of our company make it possible to complete our assignments on a tight schedule and with a high quality—both being by no means unimportant.

Website development as a process is made up of a whole complex of tasks, which, when done successively, allow as a result for the best possible outcome. If you trust your company design to a studio having no portfolio and no experience, this a straight road to failure. We are offering you our services, however, as well as our studio’s services and facilities—our studio having, indeed, a priceless experience of doing work in the sphere of website development. We create such websites as our customers would like them to be looked at, and we work through the resource concept as a whole creating a unique design and presenting for the website specially written, author-tailored texts. We do our work within extremely short periods of time—on the other hand, however, we would like to warn our customers in advance that website development is, both technically and creatively, a kind of a process that may spread out by its own internal logic. Having said that, we need to stress that we always complete our work on time, within the deadlines agreed upon with our customers, and we always conduct our work to perfection, just as it was specified in our contract. ProtoDesign Studio aims at a long-term and fruitful cooperation with each of its customers. And we do our work in such a manner as to highlight one more time the high status and the high level of our company.


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