Contextual advertising is one of the most effective methods of web resource promotion. Contextual advertising is used, without doubt, only after a number of other works has been done for the purpose of general web resource promotion. In fact, contextual advertising is in a major way different from other types of online advertising and thus has a number of specific features. Effective contextual advertising may add a lot to any internet portal, but the most important thing is to conduct operations correctly in this area of promotion. That means: make a clever calculation for the whole strategy of the promotional campaign.

ProtoDesign is a company that works professionally with contextual advertising. We have own methods and systematic ways of placing such advertising online, all of which help achieve the best possible outcome. Contextual advertising is used on the market mainly for the purpose of attracting a maximum of those users of the Russian segment of the Internet, who might be interested in buying goods or services offered by your company. Contextual advertising, however, is not meant to increase the numbers of hits (website traffic) to your web resource: it will not raise the number of unique users so much as, rather, their quality—neither more, nor less.

Our specialists will place the contextual advertising of your resource with great qualitative edge: on special platforms that gather, day in day out, a vast number of users from the whole territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the ex-USSR—unless, of course, you might wish to use advertising positions in foreign countries. Having such an audience, the scale of outreach is very wide and this is what makes such advertising incredibly effective. Thus, if you own a company that offers its goods and services on the territory of Russia (an also beyond its borders), contextual advertising will, undoubtedly, become your very dependable assistant in terms of sales and marketing of your products.

When users go to advertising platforms with the so called contextual advertising they always look for a specific product or service that are most needed at that particular moment. Our company, ProtoDesign, has been using this opportunity to the fullest, constantly expanding the number of such advertising platforms that our specialists can access. Besides, all these platforms are thoroughly tested so that you do not have to worry about the quality and effectiveness of contextual advertising offered to you by our ProtoDesign professionals.

There is no doubt that contextual advertising directly affects the target audience, without impacting other Internet users. This type of advertising, however, has its own nuances which you must know about. Contextual advertising is a point-contact, a powerful tool for influencing potential customers of your company. You better pay great attention to it and support the positions of already placed advertising plus, if the situation requires that, you must add new advertising messages. The task for ProtoDesign is to undertake a well thought-out contextual advertising for those goods and/or services that may be available on your website. We are interested in achieving the best possible result, so we are ready to work for you at the limit of our capabilities.


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