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Our company, ProtoDesign, was created in April 2009. Currently we are still at the start of our path. Much has been done already. But main achievements are, of course, yet to come. We are facing vast and diligent work. And there is not a shade of doubt in our minds that this new phase of our becoming and our progress over the expanses of the global Internet as well as of its Russian segment will be a long-term and a glorious affair. This is because at the base of our company there are very knowledgeable people who can tackle any media market issues as well as use any methods for solving those issues—those who have worked in this field for a long time in with a hands-on attitude. Many years of experience that our employees have in the areas of advertisement, Internet technologies and electronic mass media resulted in our developing a unique methodology for website optimizing and promoting in search engines.

We work for you! Basis + innovation.

Our creed is achieving a maximum of effectiveness! Our professionalism is your recipe of success in business.

"ProtoDesign" - this is the maximum efficiency!

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26.02.2010 Design layout for free
Giving design layouts for free.


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