So, our dear and beloved Client and Friend, now we would like to greet you here, at ProtoDesign, in our warm, friendly, close-knit family, which will not only complete all of your main, heavy work for you, but will also suggest how you can better and more properly deal with it, not interfering with your independence and self-reliance!

If you decided to seek our help, this means that your are a resolute person and you aim to conquer the world! Are we correct in this assumption? We are sure that you know perfectly well what you need and that you are aware just what “SEO Promotion” means as well as a whole number of other awe-inspiring words. If not, but want to find out, we will gladly offer you your own Basic Training Workshop on the frontline of the SEO market.

So, dear Experienced User, let us not talk any longer about how great we are and so on and so forth, but let us go straight to business—why spend our precious time, right?

There are three types of promotion that we have—just as those fairy-tale old and old woman had three sons (you may treat this reference as our feature, perk or edge, as you like it):
1. Promotion with after-the-fact payment - We can do everything for you, all of it, we will also communicate with you, select all the right words; we will validate everything together; we’ll promote you—and win!
2. Complex Promotion - To start, we will complete together a part of the whole job and then we will show what we were able to do, for a symbolic fee, of course—any work should be paid for, do you agree with that?
And finally:
3. Ready-made Solutions - We will offer you an out-of-the-box, turnkey solution, that is with a scale of charges, and in this situation you are the boss: just come, point with your finger and we will do everything in the most attractive and successful way!

You have not decided yet whom to ask to conduct your website promotion? Come to us, then!! Why? At least for a free consultation!!

Ready-made Solutions

Number of searches up to 500 hits per month - 10; up to 2000 impressions per month - 1 Number of searches up to 500 impressions per month - 15; up to 2000 impressions per month - 2 Number of searches up to 500 impressions per month - 20; up to 2000 impressions per month - 3; from 5000 hits per month - 1 Number of searches up to 500 hits per month - 50; up to 2000 impressions per month - 5; from 5000 hits per month - 2 Number of searches up to 500 hits per month - 120; up to 2000 impressions per month - 10; from 5000 hits per month - 5
Target Standard Optimal Effective Leader
10 000 15 000 25 000 50 000 100 000
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Web resource optimization is extremely important if you intend to own an online resource that will be promoted and moved up to top positions within the search engines most popular in Russia. Without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is not possible to have full-scale website promotion online. SEO optimization of web pages is carried out in order to maximally adjust them to search engines so that the latter when dealing with certain queries would move the website in question to the top-most position available. SEO optimization will help attract such visitors to your website who are interested in your products or in the services you are offering. Well, optimization as such will not strongly affect sales levels over the Internet, but its role is very important and this is why, in any case, you should not neglect optimization of your web resource.


ProtoDesign company offers you its services in promoting websites. Our activity in this field is truly something that only professionals can achieve who already have their unique experience in web resource promotion over the Internet. We diligently study your competitive environment and choose the best strategy for your web resource to become more and more popular online, to get more recognition and, first and foremost, to help developing your business. We will do everything possible on the road to making your web portal reach the highest positions in terms of key queries as defined by you. Also in making it an essential tool for your conducting your business, in influencing your target audience and in attracting visitors and potential customers.

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